Centralized Nano Bubble System

Domestic Pesticide Removal and Surface Cleaning and Sanitization


Nano Bubble Technology

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Nanobubbles are tiny spherical cap-shaped bubbles with diameters less than 100 nm that have the ability to change the normal characteristics of water. They have several unique physical and mechanical features, including stability, high internal pressure, extremely large surface/volume ratio, high oxygen dissolution rate, and generation of free radicals. The peculiar attributes of nanobubbles led to their wide application and utilization in various fields of science and technology, which are proven to be with high economic potential.

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Process of Nano Bubbles

How nano bubbles are created

Generation of micro-nanobubbles can be performed by several methods, including the use of hydrodynamic cavitation in venturi tubes, pressurized dissolution, ultrasonic waves, electrolysis and swirl flows.

Checkout Nano Bubbles Working

Checkout Nano Bubbles Working

Applications of Nano Bubbles

Areas where Nano Bubbles are being used


Air Nano Bubbles

Hydroponic Farming


OZONE Nano Bubbles

Cleaning and Sanitation