Nano Bubbles

Nanobubbles are gas bubbles in fluid with average gas bubble diameter of less than 1 micron. The average bubble diameter of nanobubbles (i.e. < 450 nm) generated by our technology is 100 times smaller than of the diameter of human hair. The normal characteristics of water can be changed when nano size of gas bubbles are generated in water. Nanobubbles have several unique physical and chemical properties, including better gas dissolution & stability, higher internal pressure, extremely large surface/volume ratio and generation of free radicals in some applications. The peculiar attributes of nanobubbles led to their wide application and utilization in various fields of science and technology, which are proven to be with high economic potential.

What Are Nano Bubbles?

Why Nano Bubbles Are So Important?

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Bubble size: 6,600 times smaller (i.e. < 450nm)


Bubble amount: 10,000,000 times more (> 10,000,000 units of bubble/mL)


Bubble stability: 120 times longer in pure water


No complicated design in generating nano bubbles


Wide applications for different combinations of gas and liquid


Energy saving, environmental friendly

How Nano Bubbles Generate?

How Nano Bubbles Work?


ozone nano bubble attached to bacteria.p