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Nano Bubbles

Nanobubbles are gas bubbles in fluid with average gas bubble diameter of less than 1 micron. The average bubble diameter of nanobubbles (i.e. < 200 nm) generated by our technology is 100 times smaller than of the diameter of human hair.


The normal characteristics of water can be changed when nano size of gas bubbles are generated in water.


Nanobubbles have several unique physical and chemical properties, including better gas dissolution & staying longer time in liquid, higher internal pressure, extremely large surface/ volume ratio and generation of free radicals in some applications.


The peculiar attributes of nanobubbles led to their wide applications and utilizations in various fields of science and technology, which are proven to be with high economic potential.

What Are Nano Bubbles?

Why Nano Bubbles Are So Important?

​Bubble size: 6,600 times smaller (i.e. < 200 nm)

Bubble amount: > 10,000,000 bubbles per mL (a dice size)


Bubble stability: stay much longer than normal sized bubble in pure water, and thus prolong the function of gas inside the bubble in water/ liquid.

Minimise the dosage / supply of the gas(es).


Wide applications for different combinations of gas and liquid, bring non-soluble gases into liquid as a mixture.


Energy saving, environmental friendly

Why needs to make bubbles so small?

1. Larger surface area

 Higher contact surface area to the capillary parts of root and gill, thus oxygen absorption rate is higher and growth rate will increase.


2. Negatively Charged


• H2O = OH- + H+

• The OH- ion tends to appear at the boundary of the air bubble.

• As total surface area of bubbles increased, the negative charge property will be more significant.

• Negative ions repel each others and attract positive ions from nutrient solution.

• The negative charged bubbles repel each other and so bubbles have good dispersion ability, and so the solution is more evenly and finer mixed. In hydroponic or aquaculture, that enhance absorption from the root of plant and gill of fish, and delay wilt of leaves and faster healing of skin diseases on fish.

• Finer mixture with nano bubbles reduces the consumption rate and cost of nutrient solution and pesticides.


3. Low Surface Tension

According to the Young-Laplace Equation, smaller bubble has lower surface tension with higher gas pressure, this help bubble infiltration into the soil and bring more oxygen to the soil and the roots.


4. Stay longer in water


• Floating speed of bubble is based on calculation by Stroke's Law, in which floating speed depends on the diameter of the bubble and density or pressure. Thus, if the bubble is 6,600 times smaller, it takes much longer time for nano bubbles to float up to the water surface.


• Due to the lower floating speed, higher pressure and/ or attraction force from +ve ions (such as K, P, and NH4), nano bubbles retain longer in water and so the gas inside nano bubble will work longer in liquid.


How Nano Bubbles Generate?

Bubble Shearing

An Unique and Innovative Method


  • Comparatively small in size and Low power consumption (120W) but high capacity, and expandable parts available to accommodate larger farms.

  • The bubbler can be placed directly inside the nutrient tank and/ or fish pond.

  • Minimum temperature raise in water.

  • No consumable compressed oxygen is used.

  • Self-cleaning bubbler.

  • Very quiet during operation without annoyance for indoor use.

  • No chemicals is used, and no chemical residue at all.

  • Purification of water and allow recycle use of water particularly fit for the areas where have limited water supply.

  • No extra planting space, rent, or manpower is required to increase crop yields.

  • Finer and more even mixture of nutrient solution, pesticides, and nano bubbles improves the survival rate of plants. Thus, less consumption of pesticides and nutrient solutions to be used.

  • Nano bubbles enhance absorption from roots, and delay wilt of leaves.

  • Built-in mobile phone APP for remote control on/off. (Optional)
  • Additional accessaries for large water volume. (Optional)

  • Rain proof casing.

  • Easy set up.


ozone nano bubble attached to bacteria.p

Tiny bubbles surrounding the capillary root



How Nano Bubbles Work?

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